Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Coffee Table Blues

I have changed the coffee table out 3 times in the last year.  I can't seem to find one that exactly suits me or makes me 100% happy.  The first one ended up in Lilly's room as a chalkboard table (click here to see the makeover). 

Next it was this pretty cool leather square Pottery Barn ottoman I found on craigslist for $45.  This is how much of a deal I got on this one, people - I went to the Pottery Barn outlet for a wooden tray (the one you see pictured below on said ottoman) the week after I purchased the ottoman on craigslist and they had it in the outlet for $899.99.  That's right.  The same ottoman for which I paid $45.  Thank you, Nice Man in Harbor Town, for your generosity.
 I really liked the fact that we can put our feet up on it comfortably and also set our drinks and the remote on it (as well as other always present junk).  Well, for a while I liked it.  But it's so...brown.  I have too much brown.  I need to rid my home of brown.  I am on a mission. 

I thought of recovering it, because it really is a cool piece (valued at $899...did I mention that?)  I may still do that.  But in the meantime, I found this beauty on...you guessed it.  craigslist.  It's such a fun place to shop.  You never have to leave the couch.
Yes, it is blue on top.  It's previous owner did a little antiquing to it.  It does not, however, fit in with my decor. So, after we got it home, I put my little helper to work.  She gladly obliged.

Oh, don't act surprised.  Of course I painted it white.  After the fact, the husband pointed out that white might not be such a good idea.  He will be putting his feet on my masterpiece every evening and my children will be using it for no telling what, so I did finally concede that he had a point. 

 Awww, but isn't it so gorgeous white?!?!!? 

OK, OK, I know,  It's not practical.  So what do you think I turned to in my time of need?  Yep, the faithful antiquing glaze.  And here you have it.

I really loved it.  I wanted to distress it a little next.  It was nice but needed character. 

So here is the final product - get ready...it's a little crazy...

The blue is showing through in some of the spots I heavily sanded.  Such character and uniqueness it gives (I think). 

Here it is in its new home:

I would love to know what you think.  Is the blue too much or just enough to make it different? 
For right now, I am happy with it.  

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