Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet Pictures for a Sweet Girl

I have been trying to think of something fun and inexpensive to do on the wall above Lilly's bed for a while.  I have some old frames that used to be elsewhere in the house hanging there with pictures of her and her friend, her cousin, etc.  While I do like them, I really put them there as a filler until I decided what I really wanted there.  They have been there for over a year now, so I guess that tells you that I haven't put much effort into figuring out something.  I finally got around to it. 

Here's the wall as it looked with the framed photos on it.
I did at least try to fancy them up by spray painting them white, using cute scrapbook paper for mats, and hot gluing ribbon around the frame of one. 

I thought and thought about what kind of pictures to put here instead.  I went through her list of favorite things - should I do high heels, horses, butterflies, purses, the cast of Glee?  Should I use something trendy like birds?  I knew whatever I went with was going to be a cheap project.   First of all, she doesn't keep her room clean EVER (I seriously had to clean it for a couple of HOURS to get it presentable for these pictures).  I am not going to put nice expensive things in there until she starts taking better care of her stuff.  Second of all, if you can decorate without spending too much money, you change it when you get tired of it or when you want to try something different and not feel bad about it.  You aren't married to your decor if it's cheap!

I settled on ice cream and a cupcake for the pictures.  I got these two horrible looking things from the thrift store for $10 each.  Ugh.
Lake wanted to paint so I put him to work.
Next, I cut out an ice cream cone and a cupcake and glued them on posterboard cut to size.

I took cut up pieces of scrapbook paper and taped them on to the mat in a random pattern.

And here they are.
I moved the framed photos to the other wall above the bed.  Lilly said she wants me to fill the whole wall with photos.  We may add a few more over time. 

Here is a peek at the rest of Lilly's room.

These were taken before I changed out the pictures.  The bed is from a thrift store and has been painted several times.  She has cheap bedding right now because I knew it would end up with fingernail polish and marker spots all over it (which it has).  She had very expensive bedding I handmade with Calico Corners fabric when she was still in her nursery, but until she is out of her destructive phase, we will stick with something inexpensive. 

The dresser is from craigslist and was cherry wood when I got it.  When I said I was going to paint it, people thought I was crazy.  It was pretty.  But I wanted everything in this room to be turqouise or purple, so the cherry wood had to go.  I replaced the drawer pulls with looped ribbons.
The little white bedside table is from Pottery Barn, but I got it on craigslist for a mere $15.  Score!  I gave it a fresh coat of paint before putting it in her room.  I love the shape.  I decorated the lampshade on the lamp with fabric and ribbon; click here to see that blog post. 

I bought the chandelier for her nursery and it was white with light pink flowers then.  It got a bright purple makeover for this room.
We also scraped the popcorn ceiling and made it smooth before we redecorated.  I love smooth ceilings.  We are slowly going room by room and getting rid of all the popcorn. 

So that's Lilly's room.  At this very moment, it looks nothing like what you just saw...the floor is covered in crayons, Barbie clothes, and Lilly's shoes.  I am patiently waiting for her to grow out of this...


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