Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kitchen Side Table Makeover

My sister-in-law was given this side table from her neighbors.  She didn't like the table at all, and quite frankly neither did I.  She couldn't redo the table because she would have to have it outside in the driveway to sand and paint it and if this sweet little elderly man that gave it to her saw her doing this, she was afraid he would get his feelings hurt. He thought the table was grand as is...

 Well, where do you think the tabe ended up?  In MY house.  Not that I am complaining; I never turn down free furnitutre - ugly or not.  I love doing furniture makeovers.  As I've said over and over again, it's amazing what a can of paint can do. 

My sister-in-law came over yesterday while the husbands were off playing at duck hunting camp.  We decided to tackle the table.  It's been sitting in the kitchen (in all it's shiny oak stained glory - ugh).  I put it there to sit for a few days while I stared at it and determined if that's where I wanted it to permanently be placed.  That's been a couple of months so I guess that's where it is supposed to stay. 

We sanded that shiny finish off and painted two coats of antigue white paint.  Then we distressed it by sanding around the edges and curves.  We gave it some new hardware and voila!  The new table...
I had already hung my plates and favorite rabbit picture above the table so refinishing the table really made the wall look complete. 
Not bad for FREE.  Now on to the next project!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes, Duck Hunter Cupcakes, and a Crown Cake

We've had a lot of birthdays in our family over the last month.  Which means I've been doing some baking. 

My cousin's birthday was this past week and we had a joint party for her and my husband whose birthday is this coming week. 

For her, I made two tiered cupcakes with a candle made from a chocolate covered pretzel. 
For my duck hunting husband, I made cupcakes with camoflauge icing and a sugar cookie mallard on top.
My children call their grandmother Queenie (cute, right? they came up with that on their own...) so for her birthday, I made a crown fit for a Queen...
Just thought I'd share these with you...they were fun!

Chalkboard Platters

  I am on a mission to MAKE as many gifts as I can this year instead of buying them, so for birthdays, Christmas, etc. I have been collecting neat items from Goodwill and the antique store and then coming up with ways to repurpose them.

I found some really cool silver trays at Goodwill for a few bucks each.  
I decided to paint the middle of the platters with chalkboard paint and stand them up with picture frame stands.

First, I cleaned them - toothpaste is AMAZING.  It got all of the tarnish right off and made them pretty and shiny.
My little girl is an excellent helper :).  Next, I taped off aorund the edges and spray painted the middle with primer.  Then I painted three coats of chalkboard paint in the middle.
Here is the final product...I made one for me and one for my cousin for her birthday. 
Not bad for a few bucks, eh?