Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kroger Trip 05/04/11

Kroger started their 10 Item Mega Event again today.  The Mega Event is where you buy 10 qualifying items and Kroger will take $5.00 (or $0.50 per item) off the total at checkout.  I had to make a run there and get some goodies before the deals were sold out.  Here's what I got:
I got a total of 30 items - 18 bottles of BBQ sauce, 8 4-packs of yogurt, and 4 boxes of Caprisun. 

The BBQ sauce was on sale for $0.99 and the Mega event made it $0.49 a bottle.  I had a coupon for $0.45 off per bottle.  The coupon doubled (because it was $0.60 or less) making it $0.90 off each bottle.  I actually made $0.40 per bottle which covered most of the expense of the Caprisun and the yogurt.  The Mega Event only comes around every couple of months and from my experience it is the only time you can get overage on an item at Kroger to use to cover other items.  But you have to play it right to get the overage.  Always give the cashier your coupons to run before you scan your Kroger card.  Save the card for last.   

My grand total for all 30 items was $5.30.  The retail value is $45.26.  That's savings of 88%.  Score!

I know you are wondering what I will do with 18 bottles of BBQ sauce...I am too.  I am sure it will last a really long time.  I see a lot of BBQ chicken in my future...

Happy Couponing!

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