Thursday, May 5, 2011

Couponing Adventures 05/05/11

I stopped by Walgreens on my way to work today and grabbed a few body washes...
10 of them to be exact.  And here is my total...
I spent $2.08, which was all tax.  These body washes were Buy One Get One Free and I had Buy One Get One Free coupons so they were all free!  I saved $49.90 on savings of 96%.  Exciting!

After work, I stopped by Kroger and picked up some pasta.
10 of them as well.  Here is my total:
Yep, that's $0.28.  Savings of $18.72, 100%.  Also free.  I printed the coupons for the pasta online, and they were part of the Mega Event at Kroger.  The Mega Event only happens every few months and it is definitely an opportunity to build up your stockpile with some of the best deals.  There are always at least a couple of products you can get free during this event. 

I am on a roll this week! 


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