Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vintage Chalkboard Tables

This is one of my favorite projects of all I have done.  When I found these tables, they looked like this.

Ugly, right?  I was so excited to get them home and get to work on them.  Here's what I did.
First, I cleaned the copper and metal feet, sanded and then primed them all.

  Next I gave each one a bright, cool vintage color. 
Don't you love these funky colors?  Lastly, I taped them off and painted the tops with chalkboard paint.

And here they are.

I think these would be perfect in a classroom or a playroom.  Or maybe a little something fun to keep at the grandparents' house.  They are the perfect heighth for a child to sit down at in the floor and go to town drawing. 

I just think these are the neatest tables.  I really enjoyed turning them into something usable and fun. 

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