Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lilly's Recycled Chalkboard Table and Stools

So for all of you that know me and are wondering how in the world I have time to write a blog...I don't. I have been reading up on other DIY-ers and their fun projects and thought why not share mine with the world as well? I'll just write as I find the time. So for the first blog, I am showcasing a table and stools I re-purposed for Lilly's room. The table used to sit in my's sturdy, made of wood, and has cute little curves. So when I got it on craigslist and very shortly thereafter realized it was really too little to serve as the coffee table, I knew I had to find another use for it because it was too cute to let go. I found some $4 sewing stools at the antique store and had a plan....
Here is the before picture of all 3 pieces:
I had seen on Centsational Girl's blog where she made a chalkboard table for her little girl's room and thought this would be perfect for Lilly's room. So I painted the stools and the table white, recovered the stools, and added chalkboard to the top of the table. Here are some in progress pics:
After taping off where I wanted the chalkboard, I ran very thin bead of paintable caulk down the seam to keep any paint from running underneath and causing me to have to do damage control later.
See, no runs in the paint!
I added a little purple pizazz to separate the chalkboard line from the white of the table...
And now for the grand finale....the finished product!
As much as Lilly loves to do art, this is the perfect solution for her room. She has a place to sit and draw or color... in her coloring books OR on her table :)! And the stools both open which gives her a place to store her art supplies.
One last shot of the final product:
So, what do you think? Total cost of this project was about $40.
If you want to see what crazy ideas I come up with for reusing, recycling and repurposing things, become a follower of my my blog! I have lots of projects planned already, and some things I intend to sell after I complete them.
Thanks for reading, and stop by again soon.
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