Saturday, April 16, 2011

There's a use for everything...

How horribly ugly are the flowers painted on this ratty old stool?  Very 1980's country decor.  Yuck.  I bought this at the antique store for about $4.  Why, you ask?  Well, if you only buy the pretty things, the ugly things get their feelings hurt.  And I knew somehow, someway, I could find a use for this thing.  It's been sitting for about 2 months in my to-do project stack, waiting on me to determine exactly what to do with it.  It finally came to me.

Do you have a place to put your towel when you take a nice, long bath?  I do not.  My towel comes out of the linen closet and sits gracefully folded in the floor while I take a bath.  The ledge of the bathtub is not big enough to hold it.  I've tried.  The towel slides right into the water. 

So there you have it!  My brilliant idea for the ugliest stool EVER.  Of course, it wouldn't make it into my bathroom with out a quick little makeover...

I started by sanding off the ugliness (aka flowers), or at least enough of them to not show through when I put a light coat or two of paint on it. 
Please note the blue paint all over my fingers...I've been working on another project that you will see on my blog soon...

Next I put two coats of weathered cream colored paint on it.  After that dried, I got the sanding block back out and distressed the edges.  This thing was old and had cracked corners and edges already, so no chance of it looking new.  I might as well go with the antique look.
  I sealed it with polyurethane and it was ready to go.  Here it is in action holding my towel, my candle, and my glass of wine...all ready for a relaxing bath. 
So what do you think?  Was it worth $4?  I say yes.  I have to go for bath is waiting....


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