Saturday, April 16, 2011

Revising the Bathroom for Spring

Here is my bathroom.  We recently remodeled it and I love everything about it.  But it's really really brown.  With the weather getting nicer, I thought it was time to make a few accessory changes and get this bathroom ready for spring. 

More of the brown winter bathroom look:

Note the brown decorative thingies hanging above the toilet.  These are about to get a facelift.  Here they are up close:
With about $20 and a can of spray paint, I added a little spring flair.  I changed out the candle, added a new rug and vase, and painted these brown things guessed it, turquoise!  My favorite!  Check it all out:
The minor changes made a difference (well, to me they do).  Here are the decorative plaques a little closer.  I distressed them a bit after painting.  You know I love the antique look...
Here is a pic from another angle.
Very subtle, but significant none the less.  I certainly didn't want to change anything major considering we had just completed the overall remodel less than a year ago, but I wanted something that was...just enough. 
Stay tuned to the blog because I am quite certain that I will change it again and again as the seasons (or my mood) changes. 


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