Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shutters and Candle Holders

I found some old shutters at the junk store and bought them for $3 each, having no idea what I would do with them.  I came across some pretty awesome candleholders at the antique store and the plan hit me.  I needed something to flank the tv in the den and I needed two of the same. 
 Plain ugly dirty $3 shutters...and below you can see why I needed something on this boring blank wall.
I painted the shutters with brown, one coat, kind of thrown on so some spots were missed to give it a vintage antiqued look.  And then I sanded some of the paint off of them to distress them a little further.  This was literally a five minute paint job.  But I liked the end result so I stopped there. 

I hung the shutters on either side of the tv and then hung the candle holders on top.

I need to come up with something to go above the tv, but for now, this is much better...
Not bad for a few bucks, eh? 

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