Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bathroom #1

This house has a total of five bathrooms, three full and two half baths.  As with everything else, we are gutting them one by one and rebuilding to our liking.  There are two staircases in the house, one by the front door and one at the back of the house close to the back door by the garage (the dual staircases are another reason I loved about the layout of the house).  There is a half bath situated under each of these two staircases, which is perfect - one for guests by the den and the other by the back door for when the kids come in from the pool to use the bathroom. 

We have completed the remodel of two of the five baths and are working on the third now.  The first one completed was the half bath under the front staircase.  When we got the house, this bathroom had been stripped of everything except the DISGUSTING toilet and a really ugly cheap light fixture.  I won't gross you out with a picture of the old toilet :).  You're welcome.
We added wainscoting, a pedestal sink I scored on craigslist for $60 (still new in the box!), a new toilet and a better light fixture.  Here it is now, all fresh, clean, and new:
The mirror was a leftover from the old house.  It was silver, so I spray painted it with oil rubbed bronze paint.  A cheap and quick fix.  And it was just the right size. 

I haven't hung anything on the wall or done any of the decorating in there - the fun part - but most of my stuff is still in boxes and I want to wait until I have completed more rooms and can decide where I want everything to go before throwing something up in there. 

One room down!

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