Friday, March 16, 2012

Kitchen Twig Chandelier

I wanted to do something different for the chandelier above the kitchen table.  I found a picture online last year of a chandelier covered in twigs and loved it.  At that point in time, we were still just stalking this house and didn't know if we would get it.  I kept it in mind and planned to recreate what I saw in that picture if we ever got here. 

I bought a basic six light oil rubbed bronze chandelier on Black Friday.  It sat in the box until yesterday when my husband told me to move the kitchen chandelier project to the top of the priority list because using a lamp from the den in the kitchen every night for lighting was getting old.
 I took a basic grapevine wreath and cut it up.  I set up a makeshift stand with a board and some sawhorses, tied the chandelier up, and went to town wiring the branches/twigs/vines on to it. 
After a couple of hours, I decided I was pleased with the layout of the vines. I used pretty much the whole wreath.  I had just a few leftover scraps that didn't make it on the chandelier.  I used floral wire to attach the vines and unfortunately the only floral wire I had on hand was green.  I didn't want the green wire to be visible, so once it was all done, I spray painted the whole thing with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  The paint disguised the green wire and made the chandelier sort of disappear in the twigs.  I like it.
  Here it is finished and hanging above the table.  (Please disregard the windows with no blinds or curtains - I am getting to it...still a million things on my list...)

One more project down...what do you think?

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