Monday, April 16, 2012

The Pool

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, the new pool is (was) green.  Really green. Swampy green complete with frogs.  And lots of overgrown weeds and cracked concrete.  And a broken fence.
Isn't that lovely?

We had some experts come and get the pool cleaned out and ready for swimming.  Amazing that the green water became pretty blue water.  The frogs have found another home. 
But the area around the pool was still a mess. 

It needed some SERIOUS help.  So here we go...

In one week's time, this yard went from disgusting to fabulous.  A super big thank you to my father for his help and expertise. 

And here's what we have now...
 We plan on adding a pergola here in the near future.  And we have an outdoor kitchen planned for the North side of the pool, but we will wait a while before tackling that project.
Several ugly trees have been removed, we have new concrete and flower beds full of knockout roses, banana trees, and Japanese maples, and we have patio furniture.  This pool is ready for a party :)!

Next steps are to stain the fence with a white wash, stain the new concrete to give it some pizzazz, and find an antique iron headboard to serve as the gate.  I want to have all of this finished by the end of next month for my daughter Lilly's 7th birthday party.  Lots to do...and all I REALLY want to do is curl up on one of those lounge chairs and relax with a good's so nice to have a beautiful retreat in the backyard.  We don't want to go inside the house anymore!

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