Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Kitchen Sink

So here is another post showing how a little change can make a huge difference...the kitchen sink. The sink in this house was dreadful (almost as bad as the mailbox!).

We have been back and forth on what kind to get - another stainless steel one, a cast iron one, a granite composite one?    And so we have put it off for a long time until we could come to an agreement...

We ended up going with the granite.  It was a little pricier (ok, a lot pricier) but I loved the fact that it was cafe brown and would tie in with the oil rubbed bronze hardware.  We could also get it with SUPER deep bowls and that sealed the deal.  We got the faucet with the pull out sprayer.
Here it is...
See how deep the bowls are!?!?!  It's awesome!

Getting this new sink has been life-changing.  I didn't realize quite how bad the other one was until I experienced the new one.  I still am not enjoying doing the dishes though...

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