Thursday, June 2, 2011

Save-A-Lot Trip 05.31.11

I found a great deal in a surprise place this week.  I have never shopped at Save-A-Lot in my life. I know they have mostly off-brand items and I have just never had a reason to venture in there.  When the weekly ads come out, I always toss the Save-A-Lot ad to the side and go straight for Kroger and Walgreens ads.  This week my husband says, "So, does Save-A-Lot take coupons?  They have Butterball turkey bacon on sale for $1."  What?  $1 for bacon??  I went through my catalog of coupons in my head and remembered that I had a coupon for Butterball turkey I called Save-A-Lot and they DO take coupons!

I looked through the ad and saw that they also had Hamburger Helper for $1.  I had coupons for that too.
I ran up there (there's one a mile or so from the house) and here's what I scored:

34 packages of Butterball turkey bacon - on sale for $1; I had 34 coupons for $0.65 off; final price - $0.35 per package
6 boxes of Hamburger Helper - on sale for $1; I used 2 coupons for $0.75 off 3 boxes; final price - $0.75 each.  I have a lot more coupons for this, but we rarely eat Hamburger Helper and it's still $0.75 a box!  It would need to be much cheaper for me to stock up...
1 bag of popsicles - no coupon but needed them for the kids to take to school; cost  -$1.99
1 bag of French bread - we needed for dinner that night; cost -  $1.99

Total cost - $22.92, savings of 78%.  I just got 34 packages of bacon for less than $12.  What in the world will I do with 34 packages of bacon, you ask? 

Eat a lot of bacon. 

I will now start checking the Save-A-Lot ad each week.  While in there, I noticed they actually have quite a few name brand items for which I would have coupons, like Kellogg's cereal for example.  The cashier also told me that if you go to their website and register, you will get a printable coupon for $5 off your next purchase of $25 (before coupons).  I wish I had known that before I went, but I will definitely get it and hang on to it until the next deal comes around.  Check it out for yourself!


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